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ACT experts assist Healthcare organizations and Business Associates to identify any risks to PHI and reduce the risk of fines and possible civil legal action should a breach of ePHI occur... With us, you will understand all of your risk.

HIPAA Security Rule Risk Analysis Remains Source of Confusion

Widespread confusion in the healthcare industry continues to persist about OCR risk analysis requirements under the HIPAA Security Rule

Our HIPAA Cybersecurity Services

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HIPAA Risk Assessment

HIPAA states a Covered Entity or Business Associate, handling ePHI, needs to perform required risk assessments annually. Have a plan in action to resolve gaps, and pass OCR audits to avoid a fine. If your organization is audited by OCR, the ACT HIPAA risk assessment will also provide you with a legally defensible position. We have a 100% acceptance rate with OCR. Make Cybersecurity - and patient safety - a priority.

Security Rule GAP Assessment

Conducting a HIPAA gap analysis allows an organization to assess its current posture and implementation status of all HIPAA Security, Privacy, and Breach rule standards and implementation specifications. Gap analysis is often the first step organizations take when assessing their compliance. This type of review is generally a higher-level process, with limited assurance testing, and is aimed at identifying major safeguard gaps.

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Incident Response Planning

IRPs are not a one-size-fits-all document. Each organization must adapt to encompass its unique requirements. That being said, certain best practices can help ensure that any entity’s IRP satisfies legal requirements, serves patients and customers, and protects its reputation.

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