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ACT Security assessment services simulate real-world attempts to breach your networks, applications and cloud environments.

Our Penetration Testing Services

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Internal and External Penetration Testing

System & infrastructure network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is crucial to demystify the security exposures that are used to launch a cyber-attack through the internet. The security assessment of an internet-facing system or internal network tests helps discover the vulnerable network services that can be exploited by unknown threat sources.

Web Application Testing

Securing applications is more challenging than ever as the speed of application development continues to accelerate. Cloud technology adoption, agile development practices, DevOps and new technologies all offer attractive business value, but the speed of change is impacting significantly the ability to adequately secure business-critical applications. A timely security testing strategy comprised of automated and manual testing in the SDLC and in production is essential to mitigate risk, our team can help by developing and executing a custom testing solution to meet your business needs.

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Exchanges of sensitive information over email happen almost constantly, day in and day out. Yet, hardly any of these exchanges go through the proper channels for authentication and authorization. ACT Security’s social engineering testing uses email phishing and spear-phishing to target staff into visiting unknown websites, divulging sensitive information or getting them to perform an action they otherwise should not be.

Onsite Social Engineering

During a physical social engineering engagement, ACT engages staff directly (overt) or indirectly (covert) in an effort to identify weaknesses in the way they physically handle visitors and those pretending to be employees, vendors or business partners. ACT physical social engineering consultants masquerade as vendors, new employees, business partners and more in order to entice staff into divulging sensitive information or permitting access to sensitive areas of the facility.

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